We’re creating a personalized welcome experience no matter if it’s a transition or newly eligible and no matter the plan design.

Help secure account access:

  •  Create a unique username and strong password
  •  Get started with two-factor authentication

During a transition, it's good to know where the money is in the process with this money tracker.

After the account setup process, there's access to applicable required notices. Links to notices will also be available on most screens within the welcome experience.

First up, contributions.

The experience includes educational messaging around starting off with saving 10% and information about starting small and building with an annual increase

Setting a different rate is also available.

If Roth is allowed on the plan, there's education about what it is and how it works. This page provides an opportunity to split their total contributions between pre-tax and Roth.

The experience provides the ability to set an annual increase for both pre-tax and Roth (if allowed).

Then, there’s one last check to make sure the contributions are set.

Investments can be confusing, so we’re making it simpler to either set investments later, which means going to the plan’s default or do it now.

For those who want to review all the investment options, the experience includes:

  • Helpful descriptions
  • Access to the investor profile quiz
  • Ability to see the quick option or quick choice (if applicable)* and pre-built and build your own portfolios

*For plans with a QDIA. Features displayed may not be available on all plans – refer to your plan for applicable features. For illustrative purposes only.

There's also the ability to rollover eligible outside retirement accounts and would then have a holistic view of other retirement accounts by either rolling into the plan or simplifying the number of providers with an IRA.

The right-hand side slides out to show some frequently asked questions.

When complete, we’ll give instructions on how to get the check from the previous provider or a phone number to call us with questions.

Once complete, we celebrate this moment.

Back to beginning

On the dashboard, there are additional action items that may not have completed, including adding or reviewing a beneficiary and adding communication preferences.

The dashboard is available any time, up to 90 days after effective date, to make changes or finish up what's not done.

The new advisor dashboard

Why should I care?

You do more than sell retirement plans. You build relationships. We do too. In fact, advisors like you are at the heart of what we do because nearly all (98%) of our retirement business is sold through advisors.1
You’re in the driver’s seat with the choice and​ flexibility to do what’s best for your clients. We’re​ here to anticipate your needs and help with the​ details so you can let your expertise shine.​
And our advisor website helps you quickly get the​ information you need, saving time and simplifying​ client and participant interactions.​

Extend your reach

Our advisor website helps you quickly get the information you need, saving time and simplifying​ client and participant interactions.​
When things run smoothly for clients, you have time to do more – adding to your bottom line.​

Who will see this?

All new participants.

New experience

Simple. Personalized. Actionable.


Talk to your Principal® representative for more details.

The subject matter in this communication is educational only and provided with the understanding that Principal® is not rendering legal, accounting, investment advice or tax advice. You should consult with appropriate counsel or other advisors on all matters pertaining to legal, tax, investment or accounting obligations and requirements.