The importance of tax deferral

Maximize your clients' retirement savings goals

The Principal® Pivot Series Variable Annuity offers your clients another tax-deferred savings option. They’ll benefit from compounding interest on both their premium(s) and any interest earned. And there are no IRS contribution limits—so they don’t have to restrict their retirement savings goals.

How your clients' investment could benefit from tax deferral:

Chart showing $100,000 investment with and without tax deferral.

$100,000 investment with and without tax deferral

Initial investment


Value of taxable investment


Value of tax-deferred investment


After tax


Each investment started with a $100,000 investment compounding 10% per year for 20 years.

The value of the investment that isn't tax-deferred only grows to $401,694 at the end of 20 years because taxes were paid on earnings annually at a tax rate of 28%.

The value of the tax-deferred investment grows to $672,750 at the end of 20 years. Since taxes aren't paid on any potential earnings, the money compounds faster than if it was taxed. Even after taxes, the accumulated value would be $512,380.

Please note the illustration above is hypothetical and doesn’t represent any particular investment. It also can’t be used to predict an expected outcome for your particular situation.

Tax management

A client could also elect to take partial distributions from their annuity rather than a lump sum distribution. This allows the remaining accumulated value to continue to grow tax deferred, and the client doesn’t have to pay taxes all at once. This approach gives you flexibility in managing your client’s taxes.

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