Bonus and step-up features

All of our guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit (GMWB) riders provide the opportunity for your clients’ money to grow tax-deferred until they take their first withdrawal.1 They also offer an annual step-up that locks in annual market gains for your clients. And two of our riders offer an annual bonus for each year they don’t take a withdrawal.

The bonus is available with the Target Income Protector and Flexible Income Protector Plus riders.

If clients are within the bonus period, a bonus is added to their withdrawal benefit base for each year they don't take a withdrawal.2 The bonus is not added to their accumulated value. By adding it to the withdrawal benefit base, the bonus increases their future guaranteed income amount. Once they've taken a withdrawal, they're no longer eligible for the bonus.3

The annual step-up is available with all our riders.

This automatic feature is another way to increase your clients' future guaranteed income. Annual market gains, when greater than the bonus amount, are locked into the withdrawal benefit base. Clients get guaranteed income for life based on this stepped-up value. The step-up feature is available until the later of age 80 or 10 years after contract issue.

This example is hypothetical and is not meant to show actual results or predict future results. It’s intended to be educational in nature and is not intended to be taken as a recommendation. Circumstances and experience will be different than that shown.

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Bonus and
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1 Each of our GMWB riders has an annual rider charge.
2 Refer to the prospectus and the applicable GMWB Charges and Percentages Prospectus Supplement for current bonus information.
3 If your client makes a withdrawal before turning age 59½, they may pay a 10% IRS penalty tax. Withdrawals made before the contract anniversary of the year the oldest owner turns 59½ are treated as excess withdrawals when calculating the withdrawal benefit payment they’ll receive for life.


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