Retirement income planning resources

Retirement Income Planning Resources

The shift from retirement saving to retirement spending is a big one. Discover how to meet your clients’ needs as they transition into retired life.

Computer icon  An online retirement resource for clients
Computer icon  An online retirement resource for financial professionals

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Retirement income planning  A step-by-step guide for creating a retirement income plan for clients; supplemental marketing materials are available
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Social Security planning An advisor’s guide on how to use Social Security as part of a retirement income plan. Supplemental marketing materials are available
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Build an income strategy Build a guaranteed retirement income strategy

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Let’s talk about our variable annuity solutions!


Let’s talk about our variable annuity solutions!


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

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The 4% myth

Research in recent years has called into question the standard 4% withdrawal advice—that a retiree withdrawing 4% annually from their retirement accounts can sustain their savings for over 30 years. In fact, Morningstar  now recommends just a 2.8% withdrawal rate for a 30-year retirement horizon, citing historically low bond rates as the reason.1 And with many retirees living longer than ever, is 30 years long enough?

Hear why Michael Finke, Ph.D., thinks a partial annuitization approach may provide more financial security.

1 Smith, Randall, Why the 4% Retirement Rule Is No Longer Safe,, June 2019.

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Creating happy clients

Studies show that clients who actively plan for their retirement are often happier with their outcomes. Our research identifies other common traits among happy retirees.

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Do your clients know how long their money needs to last?

Many of us are living longer than ever. That’s a great thing—but it also means extra planning to help make sure your clients can maintain their lifestyle no matter how long they live. Help explain why Social Security might not be enough and how they can create their own source of guaranteed income.

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What’s a tax-deferred investment?

It can be an important part of someone’s overall investment strategy—yet many clients might not understand the impact tax deferral can have. This flyer helps illustrate the advantages.

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Start the retirement conversation

Need a primer to help start retirement planning with your clients? We’ve got you covered.

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