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Transitioning to retirement

Transitioning from working to retirement is a major shift for many people. Creating and following long-term financial plans that incorporate retirement income options can be the key to success. Get insights and resources to help you connect your clients with strategies that may meet their individual needs.


Creating income in retirement: An elusive concept for many

The Q4 version of our Principal® Retirement Security Survey (fielded Nov 2021) sheds light on worker’s thoughts on saving, planning, and creating retirement income—but also reports some lack of confidence in their efforts. Dive deeper into the results and get more insights:


Insights Summary


Retirement outlook by gender


Retirement outlook by role: What your plan sponsor clients think now


Baby boomers delaying retirement

Young woman holding a piece of paper while reviewing her retirement plans

Retirement income remains a stable focus

Our Q1 2021 edition of the Principal® Retirement Security Survey focused on collecting insights from consumers and plan sponsors about retirement income-related topics. Despite COVID’s impacts, saving for and generating a retirement income were still top of mind for consumers and employers. Learn more about what specific retirement income topics rose to the top in our January 2021 survey findings.

Plan sponsor


Principal® Retirement Security Survey Q1



Principal® Retirement Security Survey Q1

Young man holding tablet while reviewing his retirement plans
Woman sitting in cafe while working on computer and smiling.

I would feel more confident with my retirement savings and finances if I knew projections of how much I will need when the time comes, how much outflow of money there will be, and how long it will last ... and what I need to do each month from here on out to reach the goal I need.

Survey respondant (Worker)*

Common approaches to retirement income

Among very confident retirees, those who chose income flooring over other common approaches are:1

86% of retirees are happiest
The happiest
70% of retirees are emotionally prepared for retirement
Most emotionally prepared for retirement
73% of retirees are confident they will have enough money through retirement
Confident they'll have enough money to live comfortably through retirement

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1 2021 Principal® Retirement Income survey.



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