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Building retirement readiness

Our latest research findings have a lot to say about what's most important to retirement savers, plan sponsors, and financial professionals throughout the retirement process. Discover what carries the biggest impacts, and why, as individuals prepare for their next chapter.

What can we learn from super savers?

Americans are under-saved and under-prepared for retirement. But there’s a pocket of Gen Z, Gen X, and Gen Y savers who are bucking that trend. Our research looks at Principal retirement plan participants who either save 90% or more of the IRS max or defer 15% or more of their salary to their employer-sponsored retirement plan. Learning more about their behaviors can help design retirement plans to nudge participants to save more.
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In a changing economy, employers and workers tend to focus on retirement preparation

The economic landscape has been changing and can have some boomerang elements similar to decades past. As people try to move forward, they’re adjusting their goals and how to achieve them. Our new research highlights the challenges faced by employers striving to maintain their workforce—and workers trying to plan and save for retirement.

GEN X and retirement: The 'sandwich' generation soldiers on (PDF)

GEN Z: Doing right, feeling good, and looking for opportunities (PDF)

Want to learn more?

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