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Financial wellness grows
in importance

Our recent research shows that both plan sponsors and participants view financial wellness as a key part of their retirement journey. Find out how and why consumers are prioritizing financial wellness in today's world.
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Financial well-being and the COVID-19 pandemic: A retrospective with steps clients can consider

The pandemic has touched almost every facet of life—including how people set priorities, plan for the future, and how they interact with money. Get the inside look now at what we’ve uncovered through a year’s worth of research.

The Q3 version of the Principal® Retirement Security Survey (Sept 2021) features new insights on consumers’ current economic confidence and challenges plan sponsors face in terms of retaining and attracting talent. Learn more about current sentiments and dive deeper into the results:
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Help clients keep good money habits post-pandemic (and address their worries)

Our research shows Americans have become more focused on their finances during the pandemic. Here’s how you can help both individuals and plan sponsors keep up good habits and address concerns.

In the Q2 edition of our Principal® Retirement Security Survey―and the fifth conducted since the start of the COVID pandemic―we’ve gleaned several notable findings around how plan sponsors and participants view financial wellness, retirement planning, and more. Gain key insights from our research summary or dive deeper into the complete Q2 results:

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Principal® Retirement Security Survey Q2



Principal® Retirement Security Survey Q2

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Retirement outlook differs among plan sponsors and their participants 

We see big discrepancies in what a plan sponsor feels they offer through a retirement plan and how well they think employees will take advantage of it, while participants have a more positive outlook. And that presents opportunities to make plans more effective.

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