Variable annuities and retirement income

Looking for a retirement income partner?

You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve been in business for over a century, and in the variable annuities business for decades. We’re dedicated to helping your clients save enough, so they have enough in retirement.
And we know there are all kinds of clients. Risk-adverse. Fee-adverse. Hands-on. Hands-off. Want growth. Want guarantees.  Creating a retirement plan is as individualistic as the client. And we can help you do that.
Our variable annuity products give you the features you need to create a retirement income strategy tailored to your client’s goals, including:
  • Investment flexibility, and at lower cost
  • Multiple guaranteed income options
  • Ability to support the full lifecycle of client needs -- accumulation, income, and legacy

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Why a variable annuity?*

You have access to many retirement income products to help your clients. So why consider a variable annuity? Because they provide tax-deferred income growth potential, as well as guaranteed income when your clients need it.

Our variable annuities can also provide:

  • Another way to save for retirement with no IRS contribution limits
  • Tax-deferred growth and compounding interest on all earnings until a withdrawal is made
  • Death benefit, with no underwriting, that passes outside of probate
  • Control over investment choices
  • Flexibility to move funds between subaccounts at no charge

* Variable annuities are complex and many of those who own them, don’t fully understand how they work. They could have high fees or potentially generate taxes you don’t expect. Make sure your clients fully understand all the features of any financial product they consider.

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