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Use  this short quiz to help your clients develop a strategy based on their individual needs and objectives for retirement income.
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When does your client need income?

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Are they comfortable investing in the market?

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Soon: Yes, your client is comfortable investing in the market.

So, your client is comfortable investing in the market. Great! 

Action: They may want to consider opening a variable annuity with a guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit (GMWB)

This variable annuity may offer:

  • Ability to take advantage of potential market growth
  • Ability to add additional premiums
  • GMWB riders1 that may provide:






Step-up potential3

Investment protection4

Guaranteed lifetime income


1GMWB feature does not guarantee against loss in total value of the account. These losses can lead to lack of future step-ups in the Withdrawal Benefit Base. GMWB riders are subject to an additional fee. 
2Bonuses only apply during the guarantee period and are applied to the withdrawal benefit base and not the contract's accumulated value as long as no withdrawals are taken. Once a withdrawal is taken, the bonus is no longer applicable. 
3Once withdrawals have started, a step-up feature is less likely to occur.
4The GMWB rider provides investment protection. However, the accumulated value is subject to gains and losses. 
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Soon: Your client is somewhat comfortable, but they still want some guarantees.

Your client is somewhat comfortable investing in the market. Here's how we can help.

Action: They may want to consider opening both an immediate income annuity and a variable annuity

This strategy provides them with:

  • Ability to receive income now with an immediate income annuity to help cover essential expenses
  • Long-term growth potential with market participation with a variable annuity5
  • Some safety and security with a fixed annuity
  • Access to a portion of your money in the variable annuity without penalty via the free withdrawal amount (the greater of earnings in the contract or 10% of premium payments less any withdrawals since the last anniversary)

Bottom line: Your client has more than one option to create guaranteed lifetime income

5Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal.
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Soon: No, your client is not comfortable investing in the market.

They're not comfortable investing in the market? Not a problem – we're here to help.

Action: Your client may want to consider opening an immediate income annuity

An immediate income annuity may offer:

  • Guaranteed lifetime income by converting a portion of your retirement savings into a guaranteed income stream without the worry of market fluctuations6
  • Diverse range of income options including fixed amount, fixed period; or life income with guarantee period, cash refund or installment refund
  • Optional no fee riders that allow you to increase income payments to potentially keep pace with inflation or to access money if needed7
  • Optional no fee liquidity rider, providing access to money if needed - up to 100%8
  • Optional no fee rider that can help with Medicaid planning9
6Lack of market fluctuation means both a lack of possible market loss but also a lack for opportunity for market gains.
7While there is no additional fee for the optional cost of living riders, payments for the same premium will be lower in the early years than contracts without one of these riders. 
8Income payments for the remaining guarantee period are reduced in direct proportion to the percentage of your withdrawal. Not available in all states and certain restrictions apply.
9Requires recommendation from an elder-care attorney. May not be available in all states.
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Later: Yes, they are comfortable investing in the market.

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Later: Your client is somewhat comfortable investing, but still wants some guarantees.

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Later: No, your client is not comfortable investing in the market.

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Is your client comfortable investing in the market?

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