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Topics of discussion

Welcome and introductions

Account management

  • Client service team
  • Experienced and dedicated access

Overall plan administration/security

  • Seamless migration experience
  • Tailored services to meet your needs
  • Data control

Innovative technology

  • Newly designed web interface
  • Enhancements in usability

We look forward to meeting with you on
November 3, 2021, 1:00 p.m. CT



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Meet your Principal team

Justina Loeb,

Assistant Director, Client Relationship

Email: Loeb.Justina@principal.com

Phone: 515-235-6316


Fun fact: I’ve been boating my entire life and there is nowhere I’d rather be than on a lake in a boat.

Tim Lewis,

Sr. Actuary & Director - PRT

Email: Lewis.Tim@principal.com

Phone: 515-878-6510


Fun fact: I play volleyball regularly and have been since I grew up in St. Louis!

Heather Black,

Assistant Director, Client Relationship

Email: Black.Heather@principal.com

Phone: 515-235-9765


Fun fact: I grew up in a tiny town of 85 people.

Cindy Blumhardt, Assistant Director,

Investment Relations

Email: Blumhardt.Cindy@principal.com

Phone: 515-235-9757


Fun fact: My hometown of Houghton, MI averages 200” of snow each year – needless to say, I’m an avid downhill skier. 

Mike Fuller,

Info Security Senior Engineer II

Email: Fuller.Mike@principal.com

Phone: 515-362-1991


Fun fact: I’m a diehard Green Bay Packer fan!  I’m a stockholder, season ticket holder and have attended over 80 Packer games.  Go Pack Go!

Allen Irlmeier, 

Senior Actuary

Email: Irlmeier.Allen@principal.com

Phone: 515-878-6430


Fun fact: My free time is filled with numerous extracurricular activities for my 3 children…mostly as their personal Uber.

Joe McCarty,

Vice President, RIS

Email: Mccarty.Joe@principal.com

Phone: 515-248-2609


Fun fact: Lifelong Steeler fan, seen them play in person at least 20 times including Super Bowl 40 but never in Pittsburgh.

Sri Reddy,


Email: Reddy.Sri@principal.com

Phone: 515-878-9094


Fun fact: I've borrowed a lot of life’s lessons from David Copperfield and Seinfeld.

John Ripley,

Portfolio Manager

Email: Ripley.John@principal.com

Phone: 515-362-0957


Fun fact: I enjoy traveling and watching sports, especially the Iowa State Cyclones.

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