The changing retirement landscape

How are you and your clients preparing?

Principal® leaders weigh in on topics influencing today’s shifting retirement landscape.

Today’s shifting retirement landscape has many individuals concerned about their financial futures—and looking to financial professionals now more than ever for guidance. Principal® Retirement & Income Solutions leaders discussed this topic, the SECURE Act, our Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement & Trust integration, and much more in the following virtual panel, "The changing retirement landscape: How are you and your clients preparing?"

Our panel participants included:

  • Lance Schoening, facilitator (Director of Policy) 

  • Renee Schaaf (President, Retirement & Income Solutions)

  • Jerry Patterson (Senior Vice President, Retirement & Income Solutions)

  • Sri Reddy (Senior Vice President, Retirement & Income Solutions) 

Tune in and watch the panel discuss the following questions:

  • What's being done by the federal government and in the marketplace to help workers generate income from their 401K savings to last through retirement?

  • How is the integration of the Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement & Trust business progressing? 

  • Looking at global retirement, what is the U.S. doing well? And what can or should the U.S. adopt from other countries?

  • The SECURE Act has influenced the future of employer plans. What is the position of Principal today on PEPs and what can consultants and financial professionals expect going forward?  

  • Are there ways for us to stem the misconception that annuities are not a good thing for retirees?  

  • With everything going on in the world today, what do participants and financial professionals say are the top challenges and opportunities?

  • What is Principal's position related to ESGs and where do you think they’re going?   

  • What are employers looking for to help their employees feel more confident about their financial futures, even beyond retirement?  

For additional information on what’s top of mind for today’s retirement savers—and how financial professionals can best support changing needs—be sure to visit

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