It’s more than money

Provide clients guaranteed income, confidence, and higher satisfaction in retirement.

At retirement, retirees face the momentous challenge of creating a lifestyle from the nest egg they’ve spent their whole lives building.

Take a closer look at how retirees can use guaranteed income annuities to not only improve financial outcomes, but also increase confidence and reduce stress in retirement. 

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Case studies and insights on the efficiency of guaranteed income

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Research presented by Principal®, Michael Finke, Ph.D., CFP®, and Wade Pfau, Ph.D., CFA®

Research findings

  • Adding an income annuity to a retirement portfolio provides the same or higher income with lower risk of outliving savings than an investments-only approach.
  • Income annuities allow a retiree to spend at a level that investments alone couldn't match without significant risk of running out of money before age 95.
  • Using both annuities and investments can enhance the legacy value of assets over the long term

How do you find out what retirees really think about annuities? You ask them. 

Here's what we found and a few examples of what they said.


“One of the best things about an annuity is that you know your basic expenses are always going to be covered. Less worry. Less stress. We don’t want to be stressed ever month at this point in our life.” 

Freedom to spend...and invest

“An income in retirement has given me a certain amount of freedom because I don’t have to worry about it. If you’ve got that kind of freedom that your money buys, that’s worth living for…so I think you are buying freedom, you are buying life – longer, happier life.” 

Opportunity to leave a legacy

“The desire to pass on our wealth to our heirs or charity is probably more important to the Greatest Generation because so many came through the Great Depression. I think our first responsibility is not to be a burden to our children and to live life to its fullest as long as we can.” 

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Key takeaways

The bottom line: Income guarantees can help to better meet goals in retirement than an investments-only approach. The stability and security of guaranteed income helps retirees…
  1. Worry less about the market.
  2. Feel more comfortable spending on things they enjoy.
  3. Live a better life with less worry of outliving their savings.

For retirees, it’s about more than money. Not only do income annuities provide income that can’t be outlived, they give clients peace of mind and more financial security — something you can’t put a price tag on.

By understanding the benefits of using guaranteed income to build a lifestyle, and by providing a clear explanation on the efficiency of income annuities, you can give clients the information to make better choices with their retirement savings.

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