Getting started with Principal®

We're happy you're here, and we want to help.

As a new Principal® client, we're here if you need us to provide a little extra guidance to help you feel confident managing your plan's administrative tasks.

We've created a series of short, easy-to-follow videos to walk you through some of the most common administrative tasks. You’ll be able to view them at your convenience, as many times as you like, and take action when it best fits your schedule. Your service team will continue to support you each step of the way, too.

5 key topics

These resources walk you through the top 5 topics and tasks for plan administrators.

Building know-how videos

This video series dives deeper on some of the everyday tasks associated with managing a retirement plan.

Website functionality

Our plan sponsor website is simple to navigate, flexible to fit your needs, and provides the tools you need to perform daily tasks associated with the retirement plan.

Our reporting suite

The Reports feature on the plan sponsor website gives you access to data and information, how and when you want it, and in one place.

Engaging participants

This video focuses on features, tools and resources that help your participants feel more confident in making financial decisions.