Advisor Experience Jeopardy

Category A

Shaun White status

Category B

Parade of nations

Category C


Category D

Free skate


Specialist advisors account for what % of advisors and what % of retirement plan AUM.

8% and 50%


Name the four main channels advisors and firms fall into.

RIA, independent, wirehouse and insurance


This is the # of monthly visits the advisor dashboard receives per month.



These are the four overall experiences we will be reimagining for advisors.

Selling, investing, servicing, getting paid


These are the top three areas of importance to specialists when looking at providers.

Flawless plan sponsor service, responsiveness to advisors, plan installation support


This firm is the advisor on our largest client and is also a pilot case for evolving our go to market strategy for advisors.

Sheridan Road


These are the two biggest challenges with today’s advisor website.

Challenging to navigate and not retirement focused


This approach is  used to understand advisor needs and develop strategies to improve the experience.

Ethnographic research and human centered design


This is the first name of our specialist advisor persona.



Name two industry trends impacting firms.

Broker dealer consolidation and centralization of decision making


This is the number of steps that it currently takes an advisor to find participant information.



This food has been used to describe how Principal has an opportunity to change its strategy.



This % of specialist advisors have business with Principal.



Borrowing from a process used in our Institutional segment, we implemented this to deepen our understanding of each firm.

Firm relations strategic interviews


This part of the advisor website will be replaced with portals.

Advisor dashboard


This is the advisor experience we are currently in the midst of researching.

Sales experience


Approximately how many advisors are assigned to local relationship managers.



These firms had the most sales with us in 2017 by plan count and by assets.

Plan count: Edward Jones (502 plans)

Assets: LPL ($1.2B AUM)


This feature on our advisor website is annoying to retirement focused advisors.

The mega menu


Name two areas of advisor research that have been completed.

Value prop and reporting needs