Using the data you provide throughout the year, we work to streamline and simplify your compliance responsibilities.



You’ll be able to complete the compliance testing data collection process, review your test results, and provide your final approval of the results all via the plan sponsor secure website.  To-Do List tasks are used to provide prompts/reminders to ensure key deadlines are met. 

  • The Compliance Testing Data Collection task will be sent to you 7 business days after plan year end. The deadline for completion of your data collection will be approximately 30 days after the task was delivered to you.  Average Deferral Percentage (ADP)/ Average Contribution Percentage (ACP) Testing is typically completed within 2½ months of plan year-end, assuming you provide complete and accurate data within the timeframe defined in the communication.

  • You’ll be notified via a To-Do List task when test results are ready for viewing.  If your plan compliance ADP/ACP nondiscrimination tests fail, certain participants of your retirement plan may require refunds.  Your test results will include the total plan refund amount, as well as details of the refund amount needed for each highly compensated employee.

  • Upon your approval of test results, we’ll automatically initiate the appropriate refunds.

  • We’ll report the ADP/ACP refunds to the IRS and send a Form 1099-R to the participants the following January, if we perform tax reporting services for you. 


May also be referred to as the Department of Labor (DOL)/Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) Form 5500. 


You’ll be able to complete the Form 5500 data collection questionnaire, review the Form 5500, and edit/make corrections to the Form 5500 prior to submitting—all via the plan sponsor secure website*.  To-Do List tasks are used to provide prompts/reminders to help ensure key deadlines are met.  

  • The Form 5550 process starts 20 to 24 days after plan year end (PYE); you must file the Form 5500 prior to the IRS/DOL filing deadline which is the last day of the seventh month after plan year end without extension, or 9-½ months when Form 5558 extension is filed prior to the original filing deadline.

  • We prepopulate the Form 5500 and Schedules with information provided by you in the Form 5500 questionnaire or previously reported to us and stored in our records.

  • You’ll be prompted to respond to a Form 5500 questionnaire by a To-Do List task beginning 1 day after plan year-end with reminders every 30 days until completed*. The Form 5500 questionnaire will include questions such as:

    • Was your plan covered by a Fidelity Bond during the year?

    • Did your plan have any outside assets or life insurance policies not held at Principal during the year?

  • Principal will complete and submit the Form 5558 filing (extension) on your behalf, unless you opt out of this service.

  • Delivery of your Form 5500 may begin as early as 1 month after PYE provided all data has been received and is in good working order. If all is in good order at least 60 days prior to the Form 5500 filing deadline, we’ll then provide you Form 5500 results at least 10 days before the Department of Labor due date so you can review before filing.  

Principal provides a dedicated 5500 Plan Audit Support service through both a call center and email.


If you are currently using Findley as a Form 5500 service provider, there will be no changes to those services; you’ll continue to be able to leverage Findley for those same Form 5500 servicing needs. 


Annual retirement plan participant notices, notices of change, etc. may be sent by mail or through electronic delivery, such as work email, if certain requirements are met.      


A bounce back verification process is used to determine those that don't have a current email and need to be printed and mailed.