Elevate your game: Build and grow a world-class retirement plan practice

Maintain top talent, develop a compensation strategy and structure your practice

Are you struggling to hire and retain top talent or wondering how best to organize your retirement plan practice? Or, maybe you’re wondering if your compensation program is still competitive. Use these research-based resources to help guide you through everything from business structure to performance measurement. These resources can help you:

1. Transition your practice to the digital world

Learn how to build a marketing technology stack for your retirement plan practice. It’s about building scalability and efficiency while delivering a digital experience your clients now expect.

2. Optimize your retirement practice

See how retirement advisor practices can be structured, what the typical main positions are on the retirement team and different methods of structuring your practice based on your business goals.

3. Put the right people in the right jobs

Learn what jobs are typically needed in a retirement practice, how you can prioritize work and access resources to help you inventory jobs, allocate time and write job descriptions.

4. Design a competitive compensation program

See what elements can make up a total compensation program, the typical performance criteria on which to base compensation, the average cash compensation by position and various methods of structuring bonuses.

5. Identify, teach and retain top talent

Learn about factors to consider before hiring a team member, whether to promote internally or hire externally, determine if a candidate will be a good fit for your team and ideas for attracting and retaining good talent.

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