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The year that was: 2018

What a difference a year makes, but not in a good way. After a fantastic run for stocks in 2017, 2018 was rough. Stocks suffered their worst year since 2008. In fact, no major risk asset had positive returns, only cash and U.S. treasuries were in the green for the year. Higher interest rates and a tightening Fed dragged the markets down. Slowing global growth was another strain. Trade tensions intermittently hit prices as well.

At the start of the year, the markets were buoyant. Prices melted up broadly throughout most of January. It felt like 2017’s successes would continue. But then, the flash crash hit markets in early February. Volatility spiked, and the Dow had its worst day for point decline in history. U.S. markets did recover, and volatility receded. With strong growth and tax reform boosting earnings, the S&P 500 moved up, hitting a new high by September. But, ex- U.S. stocks trended down. Growth was decelerating in Europe and China. Fed policy and a strong dollar took their toll. Weak links, Turkey and Argentina, cracked under the stress of tightening financial conditions.

By the fall, the U.S. market was no longer immune to rising rates and slower global growth. The 10 year U.S. treasury moved above 3.2% in October1, U.S. stocks started to drop. By yearend, sentiment worsened considerably. A hawkish December Fed meeting stoked fears a fed policy error could force the U.S. economy into recession. It was the worst December for U.S. stocks since 1931. But some positive trends did appear. Emerging markets started to outperform despite broader market volatility. Currencies stabilized, and valuations were attractive.

Changes PFA made along the way

2018 was also a busy year for Principal Financial Advisors, Inc. (PFA). As a reminder, here are some of the changes we implemented in an effort to help you achieve the investment goals of your retirement plan:

  • We evaluated the valuations of U.S. and International Equities and modified our equity allocation from a 70/30 split between U.S./International Equities to a 65/35 split.

Looking ahead to 2019

As the 3(38) fiduciary to your plan, Principal Financial Advisors takes great care to prudently manage plan assets. In times of political uncertainty and market volatility, our mission remains constant: We develop and implement tailored asset allocation strategies for your plan’s assets based on the plan’s unique situation, and we closely monitor results and the markets on an ongoing basis.

On behalf of everyone at Principal Financial Advisors, thank you for your continued business and we wish you success in 2019!


Randy Welch
President, Principal Financial Advisors, Inc.

1. Sourced by Bloomberg

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