We look forward to meeting with you!

Like ThedaCare, Principal® prides itself on our authentic culture and Midwest roots. We recognize and appreciate that ThedaCare is more than a health care system. Likewise, we believe we’re more than a retirement plan service provider. We both understand the important roles our organizations play in the lives of our customers and communities.  

We’re here to help you drive success and meet the goals of your retirement program and look forward to demonstrating the benefits of a partnership with Principal at our meeting on April 14.

Differentiators of a partnership with Principal

  • Michelle Zevola, Relationship Manager across DC, DB, NQ, brings 20+ healthcare-dedicated industry experience
  • Dedicated team, led by Michelle, who collectively brings over 200 years of experience to ThedaCare1
  •  Our pay-for-performance culture ensures our team’s interests are aligned with yours – you are at the center of everything we do
  • Shared midwestern values and care and concern for our team members and the communities we serve
  • Technology that enhances, not replaces the human experience – we are high-touch and high-tech for both you and your participants
  • Global cost structure to ensure your needs are met without nickeling and diming
  • Participant call center with 7 years of average tenure of and a 98.8% first call resolution rate2 – we don’t time calls, we build relationships and trust with your participants, taking work off of your plate
  • Client-driven tech enhancements allowing agile responsiveness to feedback from both ThedaCare and team members
  • Milestones robust financial wellness tools and resources providing unbiased financial education and no cost standard will and legal doc prep, student loan services, and a tool to find scholarships
  • Real Start personalized digital onboarding experience, welcoming your participants as you transition to Principal and those new to ThedaCare.  Even with automatic enrollment, this ensures your participants are updating beneficiaries and making other important decisions to secure their financial future. (link Real Start demo here)
  • RetireView® asset allocation service to replace ThedaCare’s current asset allocation service heavily utilized by ThedaCare’s team members
  • Retire Secure proactive holistic financial needs analysis and planning for all participants
  • Managed account choice from among the top managed account programs in the industry - Morningstar and Edelman Financial Engines
  • Financial Indemnification Guarantee in your service agreement covering every service the DOL and IRS allow you to outsource to us - we back up our commitment to excellence with dollars and include in our service agreement so it’s clear we’re responsible for the work we do on your behalf—and we’ll indemnify you if we get it wrong
  • Over 40 years of nonqualified depth and expertise as the #1 provider of nonqualified deferred compensation plans to support your design and financing of nonqualified plans3
  • Over 70 years of defined benefit expertise as #1 provider of defined benefit plans4, including wind-down strategies designed expressly for full outsourcing of short-term needs
  • Front to back online defined benefit experience for participants modeling and entering retirement, backed by our participant call center
1 As of 12/31/20
2 As of 9/30/20
3 Based on total number of Section 409A plans, PLANSPONSOR NQDC Recordkeeping Survey, July 2020.
4 PLANSPONSOR Defined Benefit Administration Survey, May 2020, Principal Financial Group plan count includes current Wells Fargo IRT Administration clients.

Meeting details


  • Principal overview
  • Service team overview/plan sponsor support
  • Engaging ThedaCare’s team members 
  • Nonqualified solutions and support
  • Defined benefit solutions and support
  • Transitioning to Principal

Our virtual meeting with you is scheduled on April 14, 2021 at 9:30 AM (CST)





Your Principal service team

Michelle Zevola
Senior Relationship Director
Jacque Mohs
Executive Sponsor
Katie Jenkins
Day-to-day qualified plans operations support
Ashleigh Franks
Day-to-day nonqualified operations support
Cullen Wolf
Day-to-day defined benefit operations support
DaLene Kahler
Operations specialist
Gretchen Barress
Managing Director
Karen Wiese
Lead Client Onboarding Manager
Travis Carrel
Assistant Director – Client Relationship
Suzanna Larson
Participant Education
Dan Blevins
Defined Benefit Onboarding Manager
Scott Ruba
DB Operations Leader
Casey Langseth
Digital Experience Consultant
Lisa Terwilliger
Nonqualified Onboarding Manager
Horace Jones
Nichole Daumueller
Plan Design Consulting
Amy Oltmann
Payroll Integration
Don Curtis
NQ Consulting

Useful documents

Executive Summary

Feel free to save and review these documents related to our meeting. Please note that the Executive Summary was also provided with our RFP response.

Thank you for your consideration.

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