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Welcome to Principal®

We look forward to showing you how a service-focused partnership with Principal will provide a fresh look at the relationship from both a plan sponsor and participant perspective. Scroll down to catch a glimpse of what your experience will look like at Principal.


The Principal® difference

Unlike other providers, retirement is at the heart of our business. Retirement and asset management operations represent 95% of our assets under management.* We're committed to serving our retirement clients and investing in our business.

* Principal data as of July 30, 2020.

We’re proud of our culture

Our people shape and reinforce our culture of service, inclusion, and innovation while helping our customers reach their goals for financial security and live their best lives.


Don't just take our word for it. We continually receive industry accolades like these proving we make our values come to life.

Top 100 Most Sustainable Companies in America

Barron’s, February 2020.

America’s Best Employers for Diversity

Forbes, January 2020.

World’s Most Ethical Companies®

Ethisphere Institute, February 2021.

Authentic Culture

Similar to ABC Company, Principal has an authentic culture built on our Midwest roots that we're proud of. Also similar to ABC Company, our company has grown to represent a global footprint that stretches across more than 20 diverse regions with customers in more than 80 nations and territories. Through our success, we both have witnessed the important roles our organizations play in the lives of our customers, and we both know how critical our employees are in bringing to life our positive culture and vision for the future.

Our People

We both believe our success depends on diversity and inclusion. That's why we focus on creating a workplace where everyone is comfortable. We also share the belief that when you find the right people, you strive to keep them in your workforce developing their talents along the way.


We value the importance of relationships. We thrive on helping you be successful. We won't force you into a box; we'll create processes that work for you and your plans. Our flexibility in designing and implementing administrative processes for ABC Company can reduce your workload and efficiently help you administer your retirement program.


We invest. We lead. We conserve. We're both committed to advancing and improving our organizations, our people, and our services. We are forward-looking in all that we do and challenge our teams to seek out new and different ways of doing business so that we can be the best for our customers.

Community Involvement

We volunteer to help improve our communities. We're proud to devote significant resources to charitable giving, volunteer efforts, and sponsorships to increase awareness and appreciation for inclusivity.


Expertise to serve complex plans

With more than 75 years of experience in the retirement plan service industry, we understand that a large retirement plan often has unique complexities.1 We look forward to getting to know you, your organization, and your employees better. We will work together to develop a retirement solution tailored to your organization.

Your target date partner for the future

Principal is committed to providing the expertise, flexibility and innovation to meet the evolving needs of CHS As we build upon our successful target-date strategy, we look forward to discussing with CHS and Sheridan Road, options for consideration around glidepath construction, active/passive allocations and alternative solutions that center around performance goals and cost, to ensure the solution in place continues to meet the immediate and long-term needs of CHS and your participants. We work with clients to understand their unique needs and then design, build and manage solutions to meet their goals and objectives.  And we have a rich track record of doing so across the globe. Below are some areas where we’re are conducting research for TDF solutions of the future:

Technology-enabled customization: One evolution we could see in the future is more customization and personalization through Fintech solutions.  

Managed Accounts: We believe Target-Date strategies will remain relevant for the majority of participants, especially those younger than age 55. However, as individuals approach retirement there may be situations where additional customization is beneficial through the use of managed accounts.

ESG and value-based investing: Despite current messaging from the DOL on ESG, we believe that ESG-aware investment options are inevitably coming to the target date space. To that end, we believe that value-based retirement investing, based on either plan sponsor or individual participant values, will be a key evolution in the target date space in the future.  

New asset classes: We foresee target date managers adding more asset classes to target date portfolios as certain asset classes become more accessible and less expensive over time. Examples include direct ownership of real estate, direct lending and other private asset classes. Principal has an industry-leading real estate platform and has recently developed other private capabilities such as direct lending and infrastructure. In Principal’s favor is the fact that we have an established track record at partnering with 3rd party managers to bring unique exposures into our multi-asset portfolios in asset classes where we don’t have a best-in-class in-house solution.

Dedicated service team

We bring a wealth of experienced, dedicated talent to your plan. Your team, led by Firstname Lastname, will review your goals, develop solutions to drive outcomes, and coordinate the many aspects of your retirement program.

Firstname Lastname


XX years experience

FirstName LastName


XX years experience

FirstName LastName


XX years experience

FirstName LastName


XX years experience

FirstName LastName


XX years experience

FirstName LastName


XX years experience

FirstName LastName


XX years experience

Multiple plans. One integrated experience.


With Principal® Total Retirement Solutions you'll have one simple experience on a streamlined digital platform with one experienced relationship manager and one experienced team instead of multiple service providers. Plus, your employees can check their retirement benefits with just one click, one call, one app.

As a top service provider, our capabilities can help you manage the complexities of multiple retirement plans. Click on the circles to learn more about our services.

DC recordkeeper2
DB recordkeeper3
NQDC provider4
ESOP provider5

Understanding the new normal

We understand the needs of your physicians, providers, team members, and industry. We’re here to listen and evolve to address your changing concerns and challenges. The healthcare industry has a seat on our client council, which provides the opportunity to help shape how we deliver our services, allocate IT resources, and build new products and services.


To the team members of Atrium, Wake Forest, and Navicent on the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic...We applaud you. We appreciate you. We thank you.

Our Healthcare Clients6

Features of our integrated solution include:

  • Single, integrated view of retirement and equity compensation plans with administrative services by Principal – all from our mobile app and website
  • Participants benefit from a single call for their retirement and equity compensation plans with administrative services by Principal
  • A single point-of-contact to assist with strategy and consulting of for all plan types with administrative services by Principal

HSA Integration

We provide two modes of integration. For clients with an HSA with HealthEquity, OptumBank, and HSA Bank, the leading providers in the marketplace today, employees can choose to integrate HSA balances into their Retirement Wellness Planner and Score so they can see their combined retirement balance in a more streamlined way. With other HSA providers, employees can still integrate HSA balances by using External Accounts – a service that provides the ability to add information about retirement accounts from outside Principal, such as HSAs, into the Retirement Wellness Planner*. This enables participants to pull in their HSA balance(s) via the website, giving them a more aggregate view of their retirement planning. To automatically pull in those assets held outside of Principal, we partnered with Yodlee, a leader in data aggregation for External Accounts. Through this relationship, once participants’ accounts are linked, the need for participants to manually update outside account balances each time they change will be eliminated.

* The Retirement Wellness Planner information and Retirement Wellness Score are limited only to the inputs and other financial assumptions and is not intended to be a financial plan or investment advice from any company of the Principal Financial Group® or plan sponsor. This calculator only provides education which may be helpful in making personal financial decisions. Responsibility for those decisions is assumed by the participant, not the plan sponsor and not Principal®. Individual results will vary. Participants should regularly review their savings progress and post-retirement needs.

Principal® Equity Compensation Solutions

With an industry-leading technology and business intelligence platform, Principal Equity Compensation Solutions – integrated with Principal® Total Retirement Solutions – can help simplify the complexities associated with managing multiple retirement and equity compensation plans, support employee engagement and deliver tailored service to navigate this evolving environment. Principal provides access to administrative services to employers who currently offer or wish to offer equity compensation plans. These plans are often designed to recruit, reward, and retain key talent while providing alignment to the value and growth of a company.

403(b) plan legacy asset solution:

The Principal solution combines the independence and unique legacy asset consolidation expertise of National Benefit Services (NBS) with our retirement plan expertise. The result is one of the few comprehensive solutions available for your retirement program’s legacy asset administration needs, and is unique in the fact that it provides front to back support of legacy assets, which allows you to fully outsource legacy asset duties.* You won’t have to navigate and work with multiple providers or provide final approvals regarding legacy assets. NBS has contractual arrangements with 95 legacy 403(b) providers , helping ensure transactions happen within the NBS experience, precluding a legacy asset provider from acting unilaterally or outside of that arrangement. NBS intakes information nightly directly from the legacy providers and provides that in an aggregated, daily feed to Principal, helping to ensure that the information we have in-house with which to process transactions, such as loans, distributions, hardships, QDROs, RMDs, SAFOs, etc. is current, accurate, and as complete as possible. It also sets up an auditable set of governance procedures around legacy asset operations and integrates related assets to help streamline and support the audit and 5500 filing process.

This in turn can help you:

  • Save time and effort
  • Reduce the administrative responsibilities associated with managing legacy assets
  • Ensure completeness, accuracy, and timeliness of legacy asset data
  • Provide assurance of a responsibly run plan specific to the legacy assets
*The appropriate plan fiduciary is ultimately responsible for selection and monitoring of their delegated responsibilities, not by any member of the Principal .

Nonqualified plan services

With Principal, you and your participants can take advantage of having a single, comprehensive service-focused partner who provides consulting on plan design, financing options, implementation, administrative services, and a robust participant experience all in one tailored offering. As the #1 provider of nonqualified deferred compensation plans,* Principal has supported the design and financing of nonqualified plans for over 40 years.** Our specialized solutions can provide savings opportunities to supplement retirement income beyond qualified retirement plans, helping plan sponsors recruit, retain, and reward key employees.
* Based on total number of Section 409A plans, PLANSPONSOR NQDC Recordkeeping Survey, July 2020.
** Principal Financial Group was founded in 1879 and began managing retirement assets and providing retirement plan services in 1941.

Defined benefit online experience

Defined benefit plan participants are able to have a fullyonline experience with their plan if they choose. Our Participant Contact Center is also available for those participants who prefer to speak with someone.

Flexible 401(k) solutions. Easy plan administration. Simple navigation.

Dedicated team. Your long-tenured service team will onboard your plan, oversee daily operations, educate your employees, and consult with you on plan design.
Consulting services. Our retirement plan consulting team can bring you forward-thinking strategies that can lead to increased efficiency, improved participant preparation for retirement, and lightened administrative load.
Participant dashboards. View participation rate reports, distribute educational content to your employees, model changes to your plan, and more with our participant dashboards.
Investment flexibility. You’ll have access to an extensive mutual fund network for your plan, along with robust investment solutions designed to help meet your participants' investing preferences.
Compliance support. File all forms and schedules directly from our plan sponsor website.6 We’ll even remind you to complete a Form 5500 Questionnaire.
Audit reporting. Complete your audit quickly and more efficiently with self-serve audit reports. Plus, get in-the-moment answers to your audit-related questions through our audit support hotline and virtual assistant.


We have assigned Blaine Cawelti, Lead Payroll Integration Specialist, to work directly with you and your payroll providers during the onboarding process. Blaine has extensive experience working with both Workday and ADP. Blaine will lead initial payroll integration efforts during the onboarding process as well as when the Santander Holdings plan moves to Workday, providing you with a dedicated payroll integration resource.

Influence Factor

Behavioral finance research demonstrates there are many psychological barriers preventing people from making the best decisions for themselves when confronted by complicated challenges like retirement savings. Careful plan design takes into account how well the plan addresses the most relevant barriers and may help participants make better choices. Our recently released Influence Factor shows sponsors how they can influence participant choices by designing their plan to include features with these behaviors in mind. Influence Factor provides each plan with a score on a scale of 1 to 10 that measures how influential the plan design is, compared to others in our book of business. In addition, it includes an inventory of plan design best practices compared side-by-side with the sponsor’s plan design. Influence Factor builds on our Plan Health Index initiatives as another component in helping plan sponsors drive plan success by helping them measures the degree to which a plan has adopted key features that address these psychological barriers. Those plans with a high Influence Factor have historically had better results than plans with a low Influence Factor.

1 Principal Financial Group was founded in 1879 and began managing retirement assets in 1941.
2 By number of 401(k) plans with over 5,000 participants, PLANSPONSOR Recordkeeping Survey, July 2020. Principal and Wells Fargo IRT combined data as of July 2020. Future market share is subject to change and won’t be updated until next release of applicable data.
3 Based on total number of plans, PLANSPONSOR Defined Benefit Administration survey, July 2020.
4 Based on total number of Section 409A plans, PLANSPONSOR NQDC Recordkeeping Survey, July 2020.
5 Based on total number of recordkeeping plans, PLANSPONSOR Recordkeeping Survey, June 2020.
6 As of December 31, 2020, Principal is one of only six recordkeepers approved by the DOL to file Form 5500. Principal is one of three fully certified vendors. The other providers have exceptions or limitations to their certification. We can file all forms and schedules. The others can only prepare and file specific forms and schedules.


Personalized experiences to help drive participant outcomes

Our participant strategy is designed to drive action. We’ve built a personalized, interactive experience in parallel with our call centers, so your employees can engage with us when and how they want – for each of their plans at Principal. Your employees can access digital retirement, investing, and financial wellness tools and resources any time to help them save and plan for their future. Plus, we consult with you to develop an ongoing communications strategy designed specifically for your organization and employees.

Engage from the beginning

Say hello to a personalized welcome.

  • Automated eligibility notice delivery and enrollment reminders1
  • Principal® Real Start digital onboarding including text and mobile enrollment 
  • Dedicated contact center team
  • Transcreated experience for Spanish speakers

Elevate the experience

Take retirement to the next level.

  • Retirement Wellness Score and Planner
  • Motivational peer comparison
  • My Virtual Coach
  • Principal® mobile app
  • Hola Futuro Spanish website

Expand beyond retirement

Access holistic financial wellness tools and resources through Principal® Milestones.

  • Standard will and other legal documents participants can prepare
  • Student loan repayment resources and access to more than 15,000 scholarships
  • Money management education
  • Financial tips on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Amazon Alexa is a trademark of, Inc. Standard

text and data rates apply.

60% higher average deferral among participants who use our digital experience2

Principal® app rated 4.8 out of 5 stars3

38% higher average deferral among participants who use Principal® Milestones4

Helping your employees get on track with Principal Retire SecureSM

Principal Retire SecureSM allows participants to schedule virtual meetings with a member of the Retire Secure team, giving them the opportunity to discuss their retirement goals and the steps they may need to take to achieve them, incorporating all plan types and assets, including those outside of the plan. Our virtual meetings include a visual component which allows participants to see the retirement specialist during their one-on-one meeting. Plus, it’s available in Spanish. We are happy to evaluate and price for onsite one-on-one meetings once we are able to obtain additional information regarding your locations.

During a meeting, a Retire Secure professional will help employees:

  • Determine personal goals and needs
  • Recognize gaps in savings
  • Explore options for consolidating retirement funds
  • Plan for college expenses
  • Understand how to maximize web tools and services



Participant Call Center

You and your participants will have access to a U.S.-based team of our most experienced retirement specialists within our Elite Service Team. This team serves a small group of relationships. Members of this team have received one or two promotions prior to being named to the Elite Service Team and have an average tenure of eight years.*

Members of the Elite Service Team will receive training on ABC’s plans. Detailed materials outlining ABC’s plan design and culture will be prepared by your dedicated service team and Senior Retirement Specialist assigned to ABC within the participant contact center. ABC is welcome to share in this presentation if you choose to include more detail on your plans and organization's culture. We often focus the training on plan provisions, investments, any customized services, and your culture. Our goal is to prepare our retirement specialists to be in tune to and anticipate participant concerns to ensure a smooth transition and on-going service.

* As of 3/31/21

Custom participant campaigns

We're able to communicate with your employees in a way that looks familiar to them. We can develop both Spanish and English participant campaigns customized with your brand. Communications include action items to help drive positive retirement outcomes, with topics such as transitioning to Principal, investment review/diversification, beneficiary designation, webinars, and mobile app usage.


Call center expertise your participants can rely on


  • 32 bicultural specialists (English & Spanish)
  • Over 140 other languages supported via Voiance Language Line Services.

Onboarding concierge

  • Focuses on enrollment and onboarding new participants
  • Initial point of contact through transition

Retirement specialists

  • Most are FINRA registered
  • Trained on all retirement products (DB, DC, NQ, and ESOP)
  • Have an average tenure of 7+ years
  • First call resolution (no follow up):
As of January 2021

Principal® Milestones

At no additional cost they can access:

  • Enrich for unbiased financial education
  • Enrich Student Loan Repayment Program(through partnership with SoFi)
  • ARAG to prepare a standard will and other legal documents

Putting retirement planning at participants’ fingertips

Mobile-first approach

The Principal® app makes it easy for participants to manage their account on the go and plan for their future.

1 No charge for electronic delivery for clients who deem their employees are “wired at work.” Automated paper delivery is available for a fee.
2 Princpal reporting from January 1, 2021 - March 31, 2021. Compares participants who used the resources with those who did not.
3 iOS App Store rating as of January 26, 2021.
4 Principal reporting for all clients that use Principal® Milestones as of June 2020.

5 Principal reporting as of June 30, 2020. For illustrative purposes only. Standard text and data rates apply.


Protecting data to keep information safe

We take data security and privacy seriously. We constantly monitor, test, and adjust our security features to protect our customers' accounts. Our approach, paired with third-party expertise, helps us protect customer data and provides flexibility to act quickly on any potential threats.
1 Principal data as of July 30, 2020.


Cybersecurity & Privacy1

Thank you for your consideration.

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