2018 MarTech Trends

With technology changing so rapidly in the world today, we thought it was important to call out some of the most important trends we are seeing in the Marketing Technology landscape. 

These six articles are full of insightful information, videos and tools. Take a look around!

Top five tools in 2018 for marketers and communicators

From proofreading robots to snooping on your competitors - technology has the answer.
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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing “AIM”

The main difference between AIM and regular marketing is that common marketing functions are performed by a computer algorithm instead of a human.
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Decentralization through Cryptocurrency: Blockchain

Understanding the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin isn’t just for “crypto” nerds.
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Let’s chat

Chatbots are becoming increasingly common and more intelligent with the rise of Artificial Intelligence.
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Searching for Principal

Long gone are the days where if you build it, they will come. â€‹Search engine optimization is something that’s no longer optional.
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People, process, and customers before technology

Fewer than half of marketing technology implementations succeed.
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